2018 Apex 570 Truckmount

Lease for $449-$480 per month.
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Incorporating a powerful, reliable, liquid-cooled Kubota gasoline engine and combined with a quieter running Gardner Denver trilobe HeliFlow® HF408 Vacuum Blower, the Apex 570 is a serious step-up from the Peak 500. The dual wand capability provides the performance that you need on large commercial jobs.

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New Cerakote ceramic-coating lowers the heat radiation on all exhaust components by more than 30% to reduce component fatigue and extend your truckmount life—plus keep the van interior cooler! Powered by a liquid-cooled 31 HP Kubota gasoline engine, the Apex 570 uses the patented Sapphire Scientific triple-source thermal well system to deliver maximum consistent heat. Features a sleek new design and the superior performance you expect from Prochem and Sapphire!

All truckmounts are covered by a limited 2-year parts & labor warranty.

Design Features

Industrial Grade Kubota Engine WG972 31 HP liquid cooled cast iron gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM

Waste tank:  90 gal. marine grade aluminum. Optional: 120 gal. high capacity waste tank

Belt cooling:  100 CFM through-frame air injection system

Patented thermal well design incorporates tube-and-shell heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer from engine to solution.

Chemical Simulator Valve
Simulates chemical flow without having to trigger wand to easily switch between chemicals.

Hot Water Tap
Fill up your chemical jug with hot water to improve chemical performance.

Low Pressure Circuit
Creates up to 1500 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning.

Aluminum Frame
Aluminum is lighter in weight and has a superior resistance to corrosion than steel, providing years of reliable service.

Single or Dual Wand Operation
A single 2¹⁄₂” wand or two 2” wands for large commercial jobs.

Shutdown Identifiers
Diagnose cause of shutdown and limit downtime.

Console Light
Allows easy to read control panel to be illuminated at night.

Narrowest liquid-cooled slide-in on the market.

Standard Equipment

150 ft. of 1/4” O.D. Pressure Hose
150 ft. of 2” Vacuum Hose
50 ft. of Inlet Water Hose
One low-profile 14 in. 6-jet titanium alloy wand
Complete Installation Kit
Operation and Service Manuals

Kubota Engine WG972  .97 liter (31 HP/2700 RPM)
Gardner Denver Tri-Lobe T408 Heli Flow Vacuum Pump 455 CFM
General Water Pump HTS2016S 1,500 PSI Max
Water Flow Rate 5 GPM
Console Dimensions 22 × 43 × 50 in. | 56 × 109 × 127 cm