Sapphire Scientific 870SS Truckmount


Lease for $584-$606 per month.
Lease Application

Delivering more heat, more vacuum and more pressure.
For the most reliable pressure, heat and vacuum, choose the 870SS.


The 870 is The Beast! Delivering more heat, more vacuum and more pressure than any other unit in its class, the 870 employs premium components throughout – including the commercial-grade 1.6-liter Hyundai gasoline power plant and a tri-lobe vacuum blower. Harness this to triple-source heat cogeneration and you get powerful, consistent heat for all-day cleaning even on the largest jobs.

As one of the most powerful slide-in truckmounts available, the 870SS exceeds expectations as a high pressure, high temperature truckmount. No other other machine can operate two hard surface tools while maintaining full pressure and heat!

Features & Benefits

  • Clean carpet, hard surfaces, upholstery.
  • Huge extraction capacity means fast water cleanup so you can restore water damaged sites quickly.
  • Liquid-cooled industrial engine is fully EPA-compliant
  • Patent-pending thermal well system utilizes finned tube coil design and thermostatic control.
  • No other truckmount can operate two hard surface tools simultaneously and maintain full heat and pressure!

Standard equipment

  • One low-profile 14 in. 6-jet titanium alloy wand
  • Two 50 ft. sections of 2 in. vacuum hose
  • One 50 ft. section of 2.5 in. section vacuum hose
  • One reducer connector 2.5 in. to 2 in. and one 2 in. to 2 in. connector
  • One 100 ft. section of 0.25 in. solution hose with quick connects and shut off valve
  • One 50 ft. section of 0.25 in. solution hose with quick connects
  • One 50 ft. section of water supply hose
  • Battery box
  • Installation kit
  • Operation and service manual

Additional information

Sapphire Scientific Truck Mount Options

Powerplant: Hyundai 1.6 L 4-cylinder liquid-cooled gasoline engine.
Vacuum pump: Helical tri-lobe blower producing vacuum to 16 in. Hg and flows to 770 CFM.
Solution pump: General HTS2016S producing up to 2500 PSI and 5.6 GPM at 1470 RPM.
Heating system:  Patented finned stainless tube coil design featuring a three-stage heat exchange system
Waste tank:  120 gal. (454 l) / 100 gal. (379 l) at shutoff.
Frame construction: MIG-welded 1/8 in. × 2 in. powder-coated steel box tubing
Console dimensions (W × H × D): 30 × 43 × 52 in. | 76 × 109 × 132 cm