Chemspec Spot and Stain Kit


The most complete and easy to use spot and stain removal kit.


The most complete and easy to use spot and stain removal kit – even includes dye and stain removers not included in other spotting kits! Standard size bottles makes it easy to replace them as they empty – no refilling hassle. Also includes trigger sprayers, terrycloth towels, and tamping brush, all packed in a durable shoulder bag.

Sizes and Options

C-PSSKEA: One kit. Not intended for sale in California. (California-compliant kit: C-PSSKVOC)
P.10081: Replacement bag for Spot and Stain Kit


  • The Spot and Stain Kit includes 7 spotter solutions, allowing you to tackle almost any spot or stain you’re likely to encounter. Each bottle can be reordered from your distributor using the part number provided.
  • Professional Spot Lifter (C-PSLCS): Go-to general purpose spotter fortified with Biosolv® citrus booster.
  • Rust Remover (C-RRCS): Removes even the toughest rust stains.
  • Paint, Oil and Grease Remover (POG) (C-POGCS): Quickly breaks down wet or dry paint stains, plus shoe polish, oil, and grease.
  • Liqua Gel with Biosolv (C-LGCS): Woolsafe® certified – removes gum, tar, adhesives and oil spots.
  • Ink Exit (C-IXITCS): Amazing water-based formulation makes ink and permanent marker disappear.
  • Stain Exit (C-SECS): Fast acting one-part solution removes organic and natural dyes.
  • Red X It (C-REDXITCS): Quickly removes synthetic dyes typically used in Kool-Aid, fruit juice and sports drinks.
  • Also includes a durable shoulder bag complete with two trigger sprayers, a terrycloth towel and a tamping brush.


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 19 × 12.5 in
Chemical Types 2

Accessories:  Two trigger sprayers, terrycloth towel, tamping brush, and a durable shoulder bag.
Spotters:  See Features above.