CRB Machine Maintenance

Proper CRB Machine Maintenance

CRB machine maintenance plays an important part in the quality and performance of your machine. Like any machine, it is important to take care of it. The CRB is no different.

It is very important to carry out daily care of your machine. When done consistently, the longevity and the performance of your machine will double. It is necessary to wear proper protective wear (rubber glove, mask and eyewear) when cleaning out the machine.

To properly maintain our CRB machines there are several components to consider. We will headline all of these in the content below.

Cleaning machine brushes

Brushes are a key part in the CRB machine maintenance process and can make a big difference in your results.

Be sure to deep clean your brushes on occasion paired with rinsing them off of debris after every use. Here is a step-by-step process for deep cleaning to ensure your brushes stay clean for optimal performance:

  • Remove the brushes from the machine. Once you have the brushes removed, it will be time to grab your shop vacuum to remove debris and pet hair from the brushes.
  • Now that you have finished the vacuum of the brushes, it is time to grab a 7 gallon pail. Make sure you fill your pail up with hot water. Place your brushes in the pail and let them sit for 1 hour. The time may vary depending on how soiled your brushes are. Make sure you check your local regulations on where to dispose of the dirty water when complete.
  • After they have soaked, remove the brushes from the pail of water and place them in a different 7 gallon pail with clean water. Add a couple of ounces of disinfectant and let the brushes sit for 1 hour.
  • After the hour as passed, remove the brushes from the pail and stand them on end to allow them to dry. Dry times may vary depending on color of brush and temperature/humidity.

After this you can put the desired brush back onto the machine and store your other brushes for safe keeping.

Cleaning of the Undercarriage / Brush Cover

Another important part of the CRB machine maintenance process of the CRB machine that sometimes gets overlooked is the cleaning of the brush covers and undercarriage. A big part of the cleanliness of the machine is ensuring the undercarriage and the brush covers remain clean.

This type of cleaning will make sure that the machine stays clean and can prevent it from deteriorating. Here is a quick couple steps that will allow you to successfully keep this clean.

  • With your rubber gloves, remove as much as the loose debris possible with a shop towel/rag and vacuum it out.
  • Use a disinfectant spray or wipe to clean out and remove the remaining debris from the undercarriage of the machine.

Cleaning the Axle Rod Entry Holes

Cleaning the axle rods and entry holes is a very important step in CRB machine maintenance to ensure you are maintaining the cleanliness, and efficiency of your machine. This can go a long way in getting rid of any lingering debris, dust, and other material that can dirty your machine.

Here are two simple steps to ensure you have cleaned it properly.

  • Lightly spray with a disinfectant and use a hand brush to remove the debris that is embedded or stuck in the axle rod areas.
  • Wipe machine clean, dispose of dirt and debris properly.

Cleaning underneath the motor cover

Part of the CRB machine maintenance process is to make sure that everything is working properly. The best way to do this is to perform a standard check of your machine every 90 days. The following areas to clean are all important to do every 90 days.

A big focus should be on making sure your dust cover bearings, gears, and motor cover are all clean and working properly. These are the critical mechanical components to your machines.

Here is the best way to maintain your motor cover when doing CRB machine maintenance:

  • Every 90 days perform maintenance.
  • Remove motor cover.
  • Look for any grinding, scraping or metal transfer on the cover.
  • If you do, look into the problem and find out why it is grinding together.
  • Can remove any debris and dirt on your motor cover.
  • Put motor cover back into place after checking gears.

Cleaning the gears

After you remove the motor cover and make sure it is clean and doesn’t have any signs of grinding, you will want to check the gears. You can do this simply by doing it directly after removing the motor cover and cleaning it.

Here are the best tips in order to clean and make sure your gears are maintained properly.

  • Check all of your gears and ensure they are level and in proper position.
  • Check teeth of gears and make sure they are in good shape and not chipped.
  • Spin the gears and make sure they spin easily with your fingers.
  • If you can’t spin with fingers, then there is some resistance with the gears.
  • To attempt to fix the problem lubricate the gears with grease.
  • Apply right at the worm gear and spin your gear.
  • Let the grease be taken in by the worm gear and distributed into both of the gear sets.
  • Put gear cover back on.
  • Turn your machine on and let it work for five seconds to let grease work through the gears.
  • Grease your bearings next on both ends.
  • Test to make sure they can spin easily once again.
  • Take your gear cover and put it back on.

Cleaning the bearings of the dust cover

After you grease the gears and maintain they are working correctly, the next step will be to clean the bearings of the dust cover.

Here are the best tips in order from top-down:

  • Flip the machine to where it is resting on the gear side.
  • Remove the three screws that hold on the dust cover.
  • Take it off and expose the stem of the left and right gear.
  • Remove your v ring/pinch ring.
  • Insert both of your tips into your wings and spread it.
  • Install it over your stem and remove by squeezing and lifting up.
  • Look inside to make sure the groove is good and the ring is intact.
  • Do the same for the other side and second.
  • Reinstall the ring back.
  • Use a screwdriver to push the ring down and ensure it snaps into place.
  • To prevent moisture, dirt, and debris into the bearings take the white lithium grease and squirt it into the bearing housing.
  • Before you do this remove all the dirt and debris in the area using a pick or wire brush.
  • Clean it up as much as you can before using the grease.
  • Apply grease into the groove to create a moisture barrier.
  • Take your cover and reinstall it back into the proper position with the three screws.
  • Tighten all three screws and good to go.

Re-tighten handle down maintenance

Over time and after using your machine regularly you can start to develop a loose handle on your machine. This is due to continuous use and wear to your machine.

However, it is an easy fix as part of the CRB machine maintenance process.

  • Take buttons out and lift up the t-bar crossbar.
  • Take 5mm Allen key and insert into handle area and turn clockwise to tighten.
  • Grab the t-bar handle and reinstall it.
  • Verify the connector has not moved and the plunger still goes in.
  • Then move onto the other side of the t-bar.
  • Repeat the steps.

Cleaning the Outside of your Machine

This of course is the best way to make your machine presentable when heading to a job. You want to have your machine looking good for your clients as it shows that you maintain and care for your equipment. This represents your company as being organized and professional to all of your clients.

It doesn’t take much to clean the outside of your machine. You just need to make sure you find a disinfectant of your choice as long as it can be used on stainless steel. Then you simply apply the disinfectant and you can wipe and clean the outside of the machine.

When finished you can apply a dry cloth to the outside of your machine to make sure it has a sparkling finish.

Electrical side bearing maintenance

The electrical side bearing maintenance is important to ensure the machine continues to function properly. Here are the instructions CRB machine maintenance on this part of the machine.

  • Remove dust cover and protective plate.
  • Clean all dirt and debris around the area.
  • Verify that the bearing is spinning properly.
  • If you feel resistance or drag then apply the oil to the bearing.
  • Use a pick and place on outer edge to lift up on outer ring to take it out.
  • Apply oil.
  • Then spin to ensure it is all coated.
  • Squirt again and repeat process.
  • Make sure it is spinning freely.
  • If this does not work. Then the bearing will need to be replaced.
  • Will affect the other gears and bearings if not replaced.
  • Snap protective ring back into the place.
  • Maintain an octagonal shape for the rods.
  • Apply the grease on the edge of the bearing.
  • Reinstall the protective plate.

After every job

A big part of the cleaning process will also happen after your job. In addition, this is perhaps one of the most important times to make sure you maintain a clean product.

It’s very important that you change out the brushes after a job. This prevents the dragging of pet hair, dirt and/or debris into the new clean from the previous job. Also, this will ensure you don’t get anything stuck or remaining in the machine that could cause damage to the gears and make it harder to run.

Of course maintaining other parts of your machine is important as well. Here are the best things that you should do after every job.

  • Remove brush axles of the machine.
  • Stare down and verify brush axle is still straight and functioning.
  • Ensure end cap is still in place and tight.
  • Ensure ball bearing is not completely depressed and can still push it in.
  • Move onto brush after concluding it is good.
  • Take water and rinse the whole brush out.
  • Look down chamber of brush and remove clumps of hair.
  • The more hair in the brush, the more resistance to the machine.
  • Causing gears and bearings to go bad because of added resistance.
  • Next clean off the side plate.
  • Wipe down with a neutral cleaner or clean water.
  • Clean brush cover.
  • Clean chord protector.
  • Re-install colored brush once cleaned.
  • Re-install axle and repeat process for the other side.


CRB’s are great machines that can save you money, make your work easier, and be a great part of your business. However, it is important that you remember to have CRB machine maintenance as a top of your priority.

Like many things in life, maintenance and care for your possessions can go a long way in their value and efficiency. We take great pride in our machine and want you to get the best results with it. Also, we want you to make money and get more projects with the CRB.

The CRB is the way of the future as it is environmentally friendly with its low moisture method. Remember we are here to help you to best utilize our machine.

*It is important to wear proper protective wear (rubber gloves, mask and eyewear) when cleaning out the machine.